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Accreditation is our quality assurance. It involves certification by an authorized external body, ensuring that we meet established standards. Accreditation enhances our credibility and trustworthiness.
Accreditation LAFKESPRI
LAFKESPRI is an independent institution established in 2022 by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. The institution is responsible for developing and implementing standards for the accreditation of Primary Healthcare Facilities (FKTP) across Indonesia.

The LAFKESPRI accreditation program is designed to improve the quality of healthcare services delivered by FKTPs and to ensure that these facilities meet the highest standards of patient care and safety. The program also aims to promote continuous improvement in the healthcare sector and to enhance public trust in FKTPs.

By successfully passing LAFKESPRI's quality test, Nusa Medica Clinic Group has demonstrated its compliance with the highest standards of healthcare service delivery. This prestigious recognition further solidifies Nusa Medica's position as a trusted provider of healthcare services in Bali.


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tel: +62 81808-811911
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