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Our Services
This section outlines the specific products, solutions, or assistance we provide. It covers everything we offer to our clients or customers.

Primary Healthcare

Your first point of contact for general health concerns and preventive care.

Emergency Service

Provides immediate medical attention for life-threatening situations.

Ambulance Response

Ensuring swift transport for patients in critical need of medical attention.

Home & Hotel Visits

Medical professionals come to you for convenient care.

Medical Evacuation

Emergency transport from remote locations to advanced medical facilities.

Home Pharmacy

Dispenses prescription and over-the-counter medications.


Analyzes blood, tissue, and other samples for diagnosis.


Uses X-rays, CT scans, and other imaging techniques to diagnose injuries and illnesses.

First Aid Training

Equips individuals with skills to respond to minor injuries.

Medical Emergency Response Planning (MERP)

Develops protocols for effective response to medical emergencies.

Medical Standby for Events

Provides on-site medical support for large gatherings or high-risk activities.

Observasion Room

Our comfortable rooms are perfect for quick check-ups, follow-ups, and short treatments. Our skilled nurses and doctors use advanced equipment to care for you fast and efficiently.

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tel: +62 81808-811911
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